This issue
Guest editorial
by Anthony Sampson on the need for a press truth commission
Hightech communication on Mount Everest by Montgomery Cooper
The higher you climb the further you fall by Guy Berger
Sunday newspapers by Brian Pottinger
Many models of community radio by Bill Siemering
Mascher's mirror by Kim Gurney and Joanne Lille
Political cynicism, logic, anger...? Wither the English-language press by Margaret Legum
Press freedom in Southern Africa by Bojosi Otlhogile
Memories of a nie-blanke reporter in the boer republic by Arthur Maimane
The Ruth First Award for Courageous Journalism won by Phillip van Niekerk
A vision for television: Larry Strelitz interviews Jill Chisholm, new head of SABC TV
The Internet: goldmine for journalists by Guy Berger
That hoary O word by Michael Morris
The lowering of the dove: a South African case study in digital manipulation by Pieter Malan
From darkness into light by Mike Zajakowski
Go for the core by Cleo Ehlers
Documentary photography today by Jurgen Schadeberg
The 1996 Freedom of the Press Lecture at Rhodes University by Ivan Fallon
Convers(at)ion in Munich by Kerry Swift