This issue

Di's Dead
Guest Editorial: a ratpack feeding off a ratbag society
by Yves Vanderhaeghen
Photojournalism under fire by Mongomery Cooper

Gender in the media
Recognise the female majority by Misha Schubert
Pagad and the sisters by Crystal Orderson
The fringe issue by Chris Vick
Potential: who's got it? by Anthea Garman

Tackling the SABC's newsroom defects Anthea Garman interviews Alister Sparks, new head of SABC TV
Truly necessary newsroom revolutions by Juan Antonio Ginger and Carlos Soria
A new, young and critical audience by Roslin McComb
A new paradigm for journalism in South Africa: Sanef workshop report
How to create the easy read by Jos Kuper
Information, knowledge and wisdom by Neil Postman
The lessons we learnt from Pagad by Ryland Fisher
Courageous Journalism Awards
World Press Photos
There are no easy fixes by Tony Sutton
Out of it by Claire Smith

The media and the TRC
Fragments of the Truth by Anthea Garman
Black female journalists relegated by Nomavenda Mathiane
The Afrikaner 'No' by Christo van Staden
My individual 'Yes' by Karin Brynard

Tough talk from the President. Extract from a meeting of Sanef editors and Nelson Mandela
Woodward of the wired world by Tanya Accone
A good story on any day of the week by Ric Wilson
An unintended assault on reconciliation by Jurgen Gottschlich
Brighter alternatives by Tony Sutton
It's legit, guv by Graeme Addison