In this issue
Guest editorial
by Charlene Smith
From a grass verge safely
by Adil Bradlow
Reeling from the crisis by MISA
Sniffing out racism by Gavin Stewart
Mda and the FBI building power by Ferial Haffajee
Two unequal Americas (and what black journalists did about it) by Dorothy Butler Gilliam
Vote and make your first time perfect
Scratch and win a dying child by Margaret Waller
Section 205: cry 'halt' by Ryland Fisher
The Bogoshi Ruling: false but resonable by Rob Midgley
The way we were in the 20th century by Lynette Steenveld
So who's an African then? by Anthea Garman
21 Qs & As to get you in gear to cover the election by Guy Berger
Vintage wine in an African cup by Kerry Swift
The TRC and the media: the next agenda by Hugh Lewin
I spy by Roger Friedman
Where there's smoke (there's advertising revenue) by Manette Marais
The Namibian media, watchdog or lapdog? by Gwen Lister
YouthFM: a state of mind by Larry Strelitz
The deadline is always now! by Brendan Boyle
The naked truth about transformation by Sandile Mamele
What's up in community media by Clive Emdon
The Sunday Times goes gay bashing by Brett Lock
Investigative journalism goes global by Michel Bajuk
The Ruth First Courageous Journalism Award, the Nat Nakasa Award, the MISA Press Freedom Award
Passion and perseverance by Patrick Burnett
Are investigative reporters an endangered species? by Danny Schechter
The club of crooked nations by Phindile Ngubane and Marlan Padayachee