From the Editors: The many faces of racism

Global Narratives of Race
'The White Man's Burden': how global media empires continue to construct 'difference'
by Peter Kareithi
Reproducing racism: how media helps us racialise by Melissa Baumann
Framing Africa: how the western media maintains ancient prejudices by John Matshikiza

Racism at Work
Racism as projection: how early childhood can help it take root
by Helene Lewis
'Respecting the racist' by Tom Martin

Racism and the media: country by colour
The Balkans: Beaks/Snouts, Drina/Drava by Milica Pesic
Brazil: the empty mirror by Sueli Carneiro
Canada: the big igloo by Doug Mitchell
France: French semantics by Serge Gordey
Germany: how German are they? by Manuela Bojadzijev and Vanessa Barth
Germany: 'Outing' racists by Heike Kleffner and Meike Jansen
Hungary: 'Gypsy Caesar' and other stories by Gabor Miklosi
Indonesia: softening the story by Sirikit Syah
Japan: 'Racially pure'? by Tony Laszlo
Japan: 'Always suffering' by Shin'ichi Takeuchi
Japan: Tokyo governor warns against 'criminal genes' by Tony Laszlo
Japan: how Africa fares on the Nikkei Index by Blackman Ngoro
Mauritius: behind the rainbow by Loga Virahswamy
South Africa: 'Talk across the races' by Mathatha Tsedu
South Africa: Crossing the street by Nick Shepherd
South Africa: Khoisan revivalism by Anthea Garman
South Africa: rising through the ranks by Sandile Memela
South Africa: the trouble with 'race' by Guy Berger
South Africa: a toast to 'Charles' by Alexander Holt
Tanzania: a call for a code of ethics by Ahmed Merere
United Kingdom: responding to difference by Jake Lynch
United States: fighting for fairness by Janine Jackson
United States: genderising Latino news by Lucila Vargas
United States: sharing the pain by Melissa Baumann
United States: undeclared war by Charlene Teters