Editorial: Thinking about fear and freedom

Living with Aids
Testing, testing, 1-2, 1-2, Thembi's Aids Diary
by Joe Richman
The Strong Recorders ask the questions by Sue Valentine
Child's play: getting children's voices into the stories by Christina Stucky

Intellectual Property
"It started on the 15th of June 1976,"
by Sam Nzima
Dreams, desires and aspirations by Yvette Gresle
Yours, mine and ours by Anthea Garman
Plagiarism and the ends of reading, essay by Rosalind C Morris
Internet lockdown or the end of freedom by Vincent Maher

Gender Equality
Gender equality? Eish!
by Ferial Haffajee
Glass ceiling, concrete ceiling by Lizette Rabe
Toward a women's media movement by Jane Duncan

Journalism Issues
The Star's in-house, year-long, training project
by Elizabeth Barratt
Suckers for numbers by Robert Brand
A vulnerable art by Alan Finlay

African Media Barometer: The South African edition of the African Media Barometer brought to you by the Media Institute of Southern Africa and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

African Issues
Zimbabwe: terrified by voice of the people by Isabella Matambanadzo
Zimbabwe: fear is everywhere by Hendrik Bussiek
East meets South: media leaders talk to each other by Sandra Gordon
Red Pepper, hot topic by Francis Mdlongwa
Peer review: what South Africans really think of themselves by Raymond Louw
Dewesternising media by Maria Way
Rich history, uncertain future: Africa's indigenous media by Abiodun Salawu
Cultivating a culture of reading at Bona magazine by Dumisani Ntshentshe
The diaspora to the rescue, Cameroonians online by Lilian Ndangam
What was at stake in the Zuma trial? Three points of view by Anton Harber, Irma du Plessis and Tawana Kupe
Taking children seriously by Firdoze Bulbulia
Blowing a trumpet: the need for all-Africa TV by Maimouna Mills
Making a fuss about freedom: the OSF roundtable on public broadcasting
Almost there in Namibia by Robin Tyson

Focus on the DRC

Focus on the SABC