Guest editorial
by Joe Thloloe
The good and bad of the honeymoon by Michael Morris
The challenge to the country press by Harvey Tyson
A growing clutch of community voices by Franz Kruger
Three steps to sustain media diversity by Jolyon Nuttall
Aunty Argus marries an Irish cousin by Robin McGregor
Jonathan Shapiro is Zapiro
By Gutenberg, it's an exciting way to make a newspaper! by Andre Meyerowitz

Election Focus
'Just another little hitch'
by Mark van der Velden
Educating Rita (and Mike, and Temba, and...) by Michelle Kemp
Natal journos become journalists again by Lakela Kaunda
The mother of all broadcasts by George Mazarakis
Monitoring the media for fair treatment by Zubeida Jaffer
Secrecy still stalks the corridors of power by Don Pinnock

Let us talk of codes and acts by Gavin Stewart
A death unrecorded is a death forgotten by Sally Roper
Circulation: chasing the numbers can harm your profile by Cleo Ehlers
Media skills in the making by Guy Berger
Bad news: reporting in Africa by Mohammed Amin
Regulations for a range of voices by Larry Strelitz
Between state and commerce by Graham Hayman
Going live with the editors by Nigel Murphy
Find the logic and win a bakkie by Sylvia Vollenhoven
Thumbsuck by Thomas Fairburn