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By Jack Shenker

Photos by Jason Larkin

Danika Marquis

On 16 August 2012, sixty-nine seconds of video footage raced across laptops, television screens and mobile phones around the world. The footage, shot from a single camera, showed armed South African police officers at the bottom of a hill opening fire on a group of men running down towards them. The men were striking mineworkers, and by the end of the day thirty-four of them would be dead. . more...

Danika Marquis

Hiding in plain sight

By Danika Marquis

Being technologically savvy and secure is essential, and the unwary are likely to be targets of anything from phishing schemes to being fired for posting objectionable messages on social media. more...

Thomas Shone

Reset the net

By Tom Shone

June 5 marks the start of the “Reset the net” campaign, a movement begun to reclaming online privacy and begin disrupting mass surveillance. more...

Tools for the future of journalism

By Barbie Zelizer

The future of journalism seems to be on everyone’s minds these days. A Google search produces over seven million hits for the term ‘future of journalism’. more...

Is there any point to social responsibility?

By Michael Schmidt

In a world driven by hard-edged macro-economic agendas, and coloured by the brutal cut-and-thrust of daily political life, is there any point to social responsibility, a topic that has someting of the tree-hugger to it? more...