From the editor's desk

Media and Democracy

Cultures of secrecy by Tawana Kupe
Press freedom's changing legal regime still a dangerous landscape by Njonjo Mue
A fine line by Fred M'membe
Cracking the mirror by Trevor Ncube, Basildon Peta and Raymond Louw
The winds of Windhoek by Jeannette Minnie
Broadcasting's precarious future: who pays the piper? by John Barker
What does 'community' mean for community radio? Reality check by Zane Ibrahim
Methods to the madness by Amina Frense
Reporting transition: power shifts and status quos by Kwasi Gyan-Apenteng
Media mutations by Raphael Tenthani
Why journalists need a code of ethics: abused freedoms by Francis P Kasoma
Le Prix Supreme by Lazhari Labter

Women and Gender
The least reported crime by Gabrielle Le Roux
So what? by Wilma JE Randle
The taboos of reporting female circumcision by Dr Augustin Hatar
Alternative rites by Malik Stan Reaves
Recognising women by Charlene Smith
Breaking through in male-dominated Africa by Trusha Reddy

Reporting Conflict
Messengers of morbidity by Rob Manoff
A reporter's lament by John Matshikiza
On the borderline of conflict by Hannes Siebert and Melissa Baumann
Made visible by Sara Stuart
Out of sight: a photographer's story of self-preservation by Peter Andrews
Witnessing trauma: the communication of stress by Anthea Garman
The unholy alliance: international media and the NGOs by Helge Ronning

Representing Africa
Against the tide by Patricia Made
Reporting for the West by Nixon Kariithi
The 'communication thing' by Werner Vogt
Beyond stereotypes by Eric Miller

Africa in the 21st Century
Globalisation: good and bad by Larry Strelitz
Africa online by Roland Stanbridge
Confidence trick? The pros and cons of the Internet in Africa. Debates from the Rhodes New Media Lab Computer-Assisted Reporting Programme
Pooled resources by Snuki Zikalala
The lying lens: don't blame the camera by Angie Lazaro