Editorial: Who are these Afros who are so pessimistic?

African Journalism
Modernity, Africanity
by Francis Nyamnjoh
Nepad is an African story by Lilian Ndangam and Andrew Kanyegirire
Language is culture by Vanessa Malila
A journalism of purpose by Nixon Kariithi

New Forms of Journalism
We, the media by Vincent Maher
Ask the right question, stupid by Mark Comerford
Multimedia storytelling by Rick Beckman
Journalism in the argument culture by Lars Nord

Let's Get Technical
Software colonisation by Jarred Cinman
Stimulating the local by Heather Ford
Tsha Tsha! by Heather Ford
Building the African Commons by Heather Ford
Here's a sharper tool by Heather Ford
A powerful, symbolic victory by Andrew Rens
Harnessing newsroom knowledge by Guy Berger

It's all about Africa
Diasporic journalism by Tawana Kupe
Newspaper, alive and in exile by Brett Lock
Should governments own newspapers? by Peter Schellschmidt
Democratising science by Pascal Mwale

Generating heat
by Ray Joseph
The great tabloid debate
Taking the gap
by Hayes Mabweazara
Red and raunchy by Ben Opolot
A 'danger to journalism' by Herman Wasserman
You can't be serious by Larry Strelitz and Lynette Steenveld

Monitoring Media
Homegrown standards by Hendrick Bussiek
Don't harm the children by Gemma Harries and William Bird
Beyond state and first economy by Jane Duncan
What is 'in the public interest'? by Tawana Kupe
The regional rampage by Console Tleane
Africa in the streets of advertising by Natalia Molebatsi
Meanings and messages by Rene Smith
It's the community in community radio by Mbuyisi Mgibisa
Cinderella television by Karen Thorne
Between the Borg and the Big Bang by Justin Arenstein

Reporting Aids
What can we do now? by Henk Rossouw
Every number is a life by Neiloe Khunyeli
Living with the stigma by Philippa Garson
Sustaining the coverage by Natalie Ridgard and Nicola Spurr